Shift the Student

The Only Student Financial Success Event

Financial barriers are the leading reason students do not pursue or complete their degrees. At Shift Summit, we’ll explore new ideas and solutions to create an ideal student experience through Student Financial Success. Together, we’ll learn how to surpass strategic enrollment, retention, diversity and graduation goals.

Shift Summit Conference Pillars

Content at Shift is organized around three key Student Financial Success themes that reimagine the student experience.

Cut Through Complexity
Complexity in the enrollment and financial aid process creates friction that keeps students from the funding they need. The frustration is shared by college and university staff who are overwhelmed and overworked. With creative solutions we can streamline the systems to benefit everyone.
Unlock Every Dollar
Funding higher education is becoming increasingly difficult for students, which means declining revenue for institutions. Millions of award dollars are left on the table each year and students don’t know the funding options available to them. It’s time for schools to unlock every dollar for students by tapping into emerging funding solutions.
Chart Personal Paths
Each student faces a unique set of financial obstacles on their path to their degree. Customized advising that meets the needs of every individual student feels unrealistic — but it doesn’t have to be. Together, we will explore scalable ways to offer personalized and timely advising to ensure every student gets their financial needs met.